Hello I am me.

You can call me by my name, or Pazzo, or any form of Catægory. I'll respond to any of those.

+ I draw things

+ also play a lot of games

today I drew a Cute Girlfriend for my cute girlfriend's birthday! 
happy birthday jackie <3
acidberry commissioned me and also she’s really cool, so.
drew my ffxiv lady today!
it’s that time again
What if.. you drew me
- Anonymous

I like drawing girls more than I like drawing anon heads, sorry





New mike’s® HARDER Fall seasonal flavor - Cinnamon Fire n’ Apple Ale is an amazing blend of a crisp apple ale and cinnamon whiskey flavors – What could complete this seemingly perfect combination? Just add…MY ART to the can! Please vote for me in the Mike’s Harder Design the Next Can contest! I’ve got 14 days to make it to the top 10! The voting ends on April 1st! I’m so excited about this contest - getting to combine my passion for illustration with my passion for mike’s hard! (My first, and still favorite drink.) I can’t wait for this flavor, but it’ll taste even sweeter if I can enjoy it and see something I created on the can! Thanks so much everyone!!Click the image or this link to go straight to the voting page! 

Please, please, please vote for Sean — he is planning on using the prize money from this contest if he wins to fund his top surgery, which is so so important to him. Plus, it’s an awesome design and I really want this on a can of beer! :D
But please take a few seconds to vote for this, it could change one of my best friend’s life if he gets this funding!

Reblogging again because Shelby’s message is important, and also I wanted to say this:If you’re getting an error message on chrome, try using firefox instead! I was having issues until I tried this. :D/

Sorry, just want to reblog again because ^^^^^^^^^^^
Let’s help Sean reach his goal and get funded! <3

hey you guys, Sean does some really cool stuff!! please take some time to help him out!